Houndstongue - Herbicide Control?

Thursday June 8, 2017


Mr Vegetation Control


What products have Hounds Tongue on the Label for control?

Carla, AB

Mr Vegetation Control


Houndstongue is not a common weed in Canada, and subsequently our search for a herbicide product label with Houndstongue listed for control came up empty handed. This does not necessarily indicate that there are no registered products in Canada that will control Houndstongue, it simply means that no research has been done or submitted to the PMRA to prove control of that species. In Canada, before claiming control of a species on a product label, manufacturers must prove, through research, that the product will control the species with high efficacy results.

A Univar or manufacturer representative will contact you to discuss potential solutions that fall within regulatory guidelines.

Mr. Vegetation Control

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