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Welcome to a Completely New ProVMWeb


by Jon Froese

At Univar, we don’t like to make special announcements aboutevery single company update. We try to reserve that for truly important news…something we think our customers want and need to know right now.

Today happens to be one of those “big news” days. If youhaven’t already noticed, we’ve justfinished rebuilding ProVMWeb from the ground up. It’s hard to imagine whatcould be bigger than that.

This is huge for us on the Univar side since we’ve taken monthsto research, design, and develop a new site that does everything ProVMWebcurrently does, except better. Every change was based on existing user data andyour feedback — from the overall design and site features to specificnavigation improvements.

We know that a change this large carries a lot of weight forprofessionals like you, too. Our website has been an internet and industrystaple for longer than Google has, so we know you have many expectations aboutwhat it should and shouldn’t do.

So let’s talk about what’s new, what’s the same, and whatyou can expect from the new ProVMWeb.

If it isn’t broken…

ProVMWeb is a site professionals and businesses depend on,so wherever possible we stayed with what is already working. At the highestlevel, ProVMWeb still does all the core tasks you have always expected.

We also wanted the transition to be easy, so user accountinformation has been carried over automatically. Your username, password, andall your training and order history will work as soon as you sign in to the updatedwebsite

Getting around the site

An easy way to see the largest changes to ProVMWeb is tostart with the site’s navigation bar. You’ll notice it has been streamlinedfrom the previous version of ProVMWeb, and is now focused on just a handful ofimportant subjects.

If you’re researching or buying products, you’ll find whatyou need under PRODUCTS. With DOCUMENTS, you’ll see we’ve retooledthe product document center for fast access to labels & SDS.

We’ve greatly expanded the information available about ProVMWeband Univar on ABOUT and its related pages. On top of all this, PROTRAININGhas gotten a large update, now pulling a full technical course catalog into thepublic-facing part of the ProVMWeb site.

Other features that were a little less frequently used nowlive in the ProVMWeb footer navigation. Links for access to Pest Info, Classifieds,Joining ProVMWeb, and other functions can be opened in one click here.

Featuring, focusing, and finding

A lot of the work we’ve done with the ProVMWeb redesign is cuttingdown on visual clutter to make it easier for customers to see what’s beingoffered. There are far fewer links and promotions peppering the website overall— they’ve been moved to much more focused, detailed feature areas.

You may notice that some of the sub-navigation dropdownmenus you’ve used before have changed or been removed. Don’t worry — theseoptions are still around, but primarily live on the main category pages they’reassociated with now. For instance, everything that used to be a PRODUCTdrop-down before is now a category on the PRODUCT page itself.

This change eliminates the need to continually backtrack orclick on the top menu for a product search, and should make finding what you’relooking for faster and easier. You can now quickly click through differentfilters if you can’t seem to pin down the product you need. If that doesn’twork, you can still use the universal search bar in the top corner of thewebsite to find an individual product.


On the product documents side, it’s even simpler.This page has a single search bar you can use to find labels & SDS foranything on ProVMWeb. In addition to instant results, users who are signed intotheir ProVMWeb accounts will also see favorite and recently purchased items.This should cut a lot of time off of your most frequent document searches.

All About You

One of the biggest areas of change to ProVMWeb has been theuser account and manager dashboard section.


Similar to many websites, you can access your accountinformation from the “person” icon in ProVMWeb’s top-right corner. When youclick this icon, you’ll first get access to a universal sliding popout thatgives you a quick look at vital information. Managers will get a more detailedbreakdown of recent company activity, but all users will receive a basicsnapshot of their account status.

From here, you can click through to the completedashboard, which will open a new page with a special sub-navigation formanaging purchases, ProTraining, user permissions, and managing classified ads.Here, you’ll see that we’ve carried over all the previous information, butredesigned each section to make sorting and overview tools more quicklyaccessible and legible. The main changes you’ll notice all revolve around thenew top-focused navigation, as well as the top-aligned search and filteringtools available in most sections.

Polishing things up

Throughout the ProVMWeb redesign process, we’ve implementeddozens of changes that will make the site faster and easier to use on a varietyof devices. From increased legibility and styling consistency to clearerproduct overviews and company information pages, everything has been carefullyconsidered to give professionals a new, higher standard of functionality.

One exciting thing to keep in mind is that this relaunch isjust the first phase of a series of big improvements we already have plannedfor ProVMWeb. Our team has begun work on several large features we are lookingto roll out throughout the rest of 2017 and into 2018 that will further improvesearch, navigation, and other areas of ProVMWeb. And of course, we’ll be payingclose attention to your feedback and site usage statistics to see how you’reenjoying the new ProVMWeb, and where we should make ongoing tweaks.

Of course, we know you probably still have questions. And asmeticulous as we’ve been, we know that a few minor bugs might arise early on. Soif you need help with the new ProVMWeb, or just want to share your feedback, don’thesitate to reach out to us at In themeantime, please explore ProVMWeb and see for yourself how much things haveimproved! 

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