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City appoints weed inspector


City council official passed a bylaw this week to appoint a municipal weed inspector.

The city has appointed Katrina Pelchat to enforce the Weed Control Act set forth by the Province of Ontario.

"I gotta ask. What is that? What is she doing?" asked Councillor Noella Rinaldo on Tuesday, to a chorus of restrained chuckles.

"Annually, the municipality has to appoint weed inspectors to inspect complaints of noxious weeds, such as Purple Loosestrife and those kinds of things, so if someone has a complaint or notices some in the community, that's who they contact. We're obligated to appoint people as municipal weed inspectors," explained City Clerk Steph Palmateer.

This process occurs annually. The Weed Inspector is a point of contact for anyone in the area who spots unusual plants, weeds, and invasive species, such as Giant Hogweed.

The motion passed unanimously. No financial terms were disclosed.