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ProVMWeb membership

Take your ProVMWeb experience to the next level with additional business tools, educational resources and more. With a ProVMWeb membership, you can:

  • access Weed ID
  • submit questions to Mr. Vegetation Control
  • rate and review ProVMWeb products
  • take ProTraining online courses (coming soon)*
  • post classified ads to ProVMWeb

plus, receive a free monthly subscription to Connectivity

ProVMWeb Plus for managers

Gain more control and insight over the business you do with Univar through ProVMWeb Plus, available to all company ProVMWeb account owners. ProVMWeb Plus members get all the advantages of a membership*, plus the ability to:

  • add and delete users to the account
  • grant permissions for users to:
    • view Price Book*
    • view purchase history
    • manage classified ads
    • manage all of the above permissions for other users

* authorization required

ProVMWeb and ProVMWeb Plus Features

* Must be authorized by Univar and company account owner



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Privacy Policy
Univar will not under any circumstances release personal user or registrant information to individuals or companies. All information collection is solely used to support Univar customer services and communications.