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Algoma Power works with community to promote vegetation management


Algoma Power Inc. has developed a Vegetation Management Plan(VMP) to help reduce the risks from storms and high winds in our area. Here'show they are working with the community to protect all those involved.

As members of the Algoma Power Inc.(API) team continue toassist in recovery efforts in devastated Turks and Caicos, it’s a starkreminder of how a proper disaster plan helps with the emergency response.

While no amount of planning may prevent the destruction fromhurricanes like Irma, here in Ontario we can take steps to reduce risks fromstorms or high winds that fell trees causing power outages, potential fires andinjuries. 

API created a Vegetation Management Plan (VMP) to helpreduce those risks.  The plan is based onresearch from experts in the field and designed to protect the public, workersand to comply with our legal obligation to preserve our distributionsystem.  

“We understand that the removal of trees can be inconvenientand disappointing for land owners which is why we work with residents though anextensive communication process to explainwhen, where, how and why trees may beremoved from their property,“ said Jennifer Rose, Algoma Power Regional Manager

Notification letters, phone calls and visits to land ownerscan be part of the process. API also hosts town hall meetings. API staff metthis month with local Goulais residents to discuss its VMP. 

“It was an opportunity to explain our vegetation plan butmore importantly we wanted to hear from land owners and answer their questions,“added Rose. Staff also explained that it is important that the VPM process beapplied consistently to all residents

“We also wanted to stress that, unless regulations change,API has no intention, at this time, of increasing the current standard clearancewidth.”

Town meetings will continue in the future and the public canlearn more about the VMP and the “Right Tree, Right Place” for their property.


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