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Vote to approve glyphosate herbicide shakes up German, EU politics


Jill Petzinger | November 30, 2017

European Union countries found themselves at odds on Monday[Nov. 27] over weed killer. After a long deadlock over renewing the license forpesticide glyphosate—and despite 1.3 million Europeans signing a petition toban it—Germany cast the deciding vote, allowing it be licensed for another fiveyears. France, Italy, Austria, and Belgium were all against it.

In Germany, the Social Democrats—totally against the use ofglyphosate—were furious with Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats. They accusedthe German agriculture minister Christian Schmidt, who cast the deciding “yes”vote in Brussels, of going back on what they had agreed.

This is bad news for Merkel, considering Germany stilldoesn’t have a government and these two parties—currently in a caretaker governmenttogether—are at the very early stages of thinking about forming a coalitionagain.

The German chancellor in turn is vexed with Schmidt forokaying the pesticide-license off his own bat —and rebuked him Tuesday, saying:“Schmidt’s decision went against agreements we have made in government—thesealso apply to the current caretaker government.”

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