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Edmonton council faces decision on whether to spray dandelions


Edmonton council faces decision on whether to spraydandelions

Councillors to review seven options ranging in cost from $2million to $28 million

CBC News
September 12, 2017

Edmonton city councillors will be presented with sevenoptions Tuesday for how to deal with dandelions on city sports fields andparks.

A new report going before city council includes four optionsthat call for the use of non-conventional or eco-herbicides, and three thatdon't involve any herbicides.

The most expensive option includes $4.3 million to installirrigation on 43 high-use sports fields, and $11 million to purchase additionalmowing equipment so the grass on fields and parks can be cut more often.

The cheapest option calls for an increase in the number ofmowing cycles over the summer months, which will boost operating costs by $2million each year.

An explosion of dandelions this spring resulted in adecision by city officials to spray sports fields with herbicides at the end ofJune.

"Edmontonians would like better management ofdandelions," according to the report prepared for council."Administration recommends adopting a more proactive approach to weedcontrol."

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