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Lanark County council supports ongoing implementation of vegetation management plan


Nov 16, 2017 Perth Courier

Following numerous delegations and presentations at thepublic works committee meeting last month, council received a detailed reportand directed staff to include funds in the 2018 budget to support the ongoingimplementation of the county’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) VegetationManagement Plan.

Delegations included Shelley McPhail regarding Wild ParsnipManagement: An Agricultural Perspective; David Overholt of White Lake regardingInvasive Phragmites; Dr. Meg Sears, chair of Prevent Cancer Now, regardingtoxins in our environment; and Tim Poupore regarding the Lanark CountyAdopt-A-Road Program.

Presentations included Medical Officer of Health Dr. Paula Stewart on the Human Health Aspect of Wild Parsnip and Herbicide; Lindsay Hanson of Health Canada on the Regulatory Process for Herbicides; and Kellie Sherman, co-ordinator of the Ontario Invasive Plant Council, on the ecological impact and threat of invasive species in the natural environment. Janet Tysick,Public Works business manager, presented a detailed report on the activitiesundertaken last year and the effectiveness of the roadside spraying program to date,as well as challenges of controlling invasive species. Spraying occurred in 2016 and 2017, and the long-term IPM Vegetation Management Plan was adopted last year.

The plan uses a combination of management methods with monitoring and evaluation, including prevention activities, increase deducation, inventories of invasive species, best management practices for weed management, enhancing the Adopt-a-Road program, boom and targeted spot spraying, hand removals, mowing and reseeding/planting. Ms. Tysick provided information about the effect of the spraying program, showing decreases in the level of wild parsnip infestation in targeted areas. She indicated the locations for spraying in 2018 will be determined after an audit in the spring,and only areas of medium to heavy infestation will require boom spraying.

Other areas will be treated by targeted spot spraying oralternative methods, with no-spray alternatives continuing to be available.Information will be forwarded to local municipalities for inclusion in thespring tax bill inserts to communicate details of the 2018 roadside sprayingprogram. For more information, Janet Tysick, Public Works business manager, at1-888-9-LANARK, ext. 3110.


Rideau Corridor Recognition Awards program winners congratulated

Doug Struthers, chair of the Rideau Corridor LandscapeStrategy, made a presentation to the economic development committee last monthto announce the recipients of their recognition awards program. The awards wereconceived as a way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Rideau Canal’sinscription as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and in honour of Canada’s 150thbirthday. The goal was to “recognize, honour and promote good design,environmental stewardship and economic development, through public and youthengagement, that serves to protect, enhance, promote and celebrate the heritagevalue and sustainability of the Rideau Canal Corridor,” Struthers noted.

A gala celebration was held on Oct. 6 at the Smiths Falls Railway Museum to recognize recipients in numerous categories all along the canal. Local winners in various categories included: Community Building Category: Excellence, Scott Cameron, community champion for Rideau Ferry.Environmental Stewardship Category: Perth Wildlife Reserve, Excellence, model for environment and heritage; Murphys Point Provincial Park and the Friends of Murphys Point, honourable mention, Adopt-a-Gray Ratsnake program. Design Category: Excellence, Township of Drummond/North Elmsley, Rideau Ferry Public Docks. Heritage Conservation and Promotion Category: Excellence, Murphys Point Provincial Park and the Friends of Murphys Point, Silver Queen Mine Interpretation program; Merit, Friends of Andrewsville Bridge, steward for conservation of historic bridge.

Struthers thanked the county for its support for the gala to recognize the projects and expressed congratulations to all nominees and award winners. Warden Bill Dobson (Montague Reeve) thanked Struthers for his long-term service as chair and his “passion for the landscape strategy.” More details can be found at For more information, contact Leslie Drynan, Clerk, at 1-888-9-LANARK, ext. 1502.

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