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Information Update - What you need to know before importing unregistered pesticides for personal use



OTTAWA, Oct. 18, 2017 /CNW/ - If you're planning on bringingpesticides into Canada, you should know that Health Canada is changing therules for importing pesticides for personal use.

Unregistered pesticides brought in from other countries havenot been assessed for safety by Health Canada, and may not be labeled orpackaged properly for safe use in Canada.

For this reason, the Pest Control Products Regulations arebeing updated to further protect the health, safety and environment ofCanadians.

What you should do

Starting April 18, 2018, you can no longer bringunregistered pesticides into Canada if they are not equivalent to those alreadyregistered in Canada for personal use in or around your home (i.e., DomesticClass products). An equivalent pesticide is one that has the same activeingredient in the same concentration.

In addition, you will no longer be allowed to purchaseunregistered pesticides online and have them shipped to Canada. The purchaserof the product must bring it into Canada in person.

In addition, the updated regulations state that thepesticide must:

  • not be an organism or a device
  • not exceed 500 mL or 500 g in quantity
  • be in original packaging with original label that must be inat least one official language
  • be authorized for use as a pesticide in another country andbear the assigned authorization number

Canadians can use the Health Canada online pesticide labeldatabase to access all registered pesticides in Canada. They can also use thePesticide Labels mobile app to search for registered pesticides by productname, active ingredient, registrant name, or full label contents.

Report health and safety concerns

All pesticide products that are registered for use in Canadahave a Pest Control Product (PCP) registration number on the label. It isimportant to read the label on a pesticide carefully, as it also containsspecific information on using the product safely.

Adverse events related to the use of a pest control productshould be reported to the manufacturer, who is required by law to report it toHealth Canada. You may also report an incident directly to Health Canada bycompleting an incident report form. For adverse reaction in pets, you can fillout a domestic animal incident form and return it by mail to the appropriateaddress.

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