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Canada Thitsle

September 2018

A perennial with extensive underground creeping roots – which makes this weed a challenge to control. Canada thistle is a native of Eurasia but was introduced to North America in the late 18th century.

Leafy Spurge and Yellow Toadflax

July 2018

What do both of these weeds have in common? They originate from the same are - Eurasia. Both weeds have an extensive creeping root system which makes them difficult to control. Both weeds aggressively invade rangeland and have yellow flowers.


May 2018

Native to Asia, kochia- a summer annual broadleaf - was introduced as an ornamental to North America. Today, it infests fields, gardens, roadsides, ditches, and waste areas. It is commonly known as summer cypress, burning bush, and goosefoot. Kochia has a unique seed dispersal method since a mature plant will roll with the wind leaving a trail of offspring in the following growing season. One plant can produce up to 25,000 seeds but they are short lived in the soil. Kochia is one of the very first to emerge early in the spring and can survive harsh soil conditions, including sandy or alkaline soils.


March 2018

Commonly known as common reed grass; originated in Eurasia. Invasive Phragmites are moving west from Eastern Canada; they've been identified as far as Alberta.